Chemical Bath Deposition

For optimal results in the chemical bath deposition process, the II VI photoconductive absorber layer must be covered thinly but completely by an n type layer. Poor film quality degrades device performance, so a thin layer covering completely produces better results than a thick layer with holes. Defects such as voids and agglomerations can either become holes at the absorber layer or cause holes in other layers of the device. These defects result from poor process control of the deposition chemistry.

Your processes require optimum materials and contamination control to achieve target process stability and device performance. Entegris high performance fluid handling components, filtration, chemical blending and flow solutions deliver effective and repeatable results in CBD systems.

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Chemical Delivery
From valves, fittings and tubing, to flowmeters, containers and dispense tubes, Entegris offers high performance, high purity and chemically compatible fluid handling components.

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Offering precise chemical blending, the Entegris NT® flow controllers and custom manifolds provide tool efficiency, performance and process control.

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